And Now For Something Totally Different…

Well, after much soul-searching I have decided to merge my art and photography blogs into one. You can find my artwork in the galleries to the right…

Green Eyes

This piece was quite a departure from the norm for me as it was done entirely in digital. Usually I will draw with pencil on paper first, then either scan that drawing or photograph it to get it into the computer, where I then paint it in Photoshop or Painter. This time I drew the original directly in Photoshop. I also colored it differently. Typically I lay down base colors then add darker or lighter shades of that color for value. This time I did all the values in black and white first, then added color on a new layer, setting that layer blend mode to “Color.” I think it worked pretty well. All in all I think it turned out ok, considering (1) I tried several new techniques and (2) I can’t really draw very well at all. I do have to admit that I cheated on the eyes; after I had finished the left eye’s outline and values I simply copied it, flipped it, and pasted it to create the right eye. Oh well. This also marks another departure for me in that I will no longer be using Photoshop to create artwork. My copy of Photoshop is…how shall I say…not entirely legal, and this bothers me. So I have purchased Sketchbook Pro, and will be trying to learn to use it. The program looks great, and the little bit of tinkering I have done with it is very exciting. It’s much more intuitive than Photoshop for creating artwork. I will also be trying several other programs for painting, including Artrage, TwistedBrush, and Paint Tool SAI, rather than my less-than-legal copy of Painter, which I find to be incredibly buggy and laggy. Hopefully my Mom will give me her other iMac, as I have already found a program to replace Photoshop for photo editing called Pixelmator, but it is Mac only, and my little laptop I currently use is Windows. Anyway, hope you enjoy this piece, turned out ok, can’t wait to practice more!


~ by kbfotografix on December 7, 2012.

2 Responses to “And Now For Something Totally Different…”

  1. Hey you, beautiful picture = ) Nominated you for the 2012 blogger award ty for everything = )

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