Emerald Tree Boa and Amazon Tree Boa

Emerald Tree Boa: Corallus caninus is a non-venomous boa species found in the rainforests of South America. No subspecies are currently recognized. Adults grow to about 6 feet (1.8 m) in length. They have highly developed front teeth that are likely proportionately larger than those of any other non-venomous snake. The color pattern typically consists of an emerald green ground color with a white irregular interrupted zigzag stripe or so-called ‘lightning bolts’ down the back and a yellow belly. The bright coloration and markings are very distinctive among South American snakes. Juveniles vary in color between various shades of light and dark orange or brick-red before onto genetic coloration sets in and the animals turn emerald green (after 9–12 months of age).
 Amazon Tree Boa: Corallus hortulanus is a non-venomous boa species found in South America. These animals are notorious for being very aggressive, although as with all snakes this varies. These animals also have very long needle-like teeth which makes their bite quite painful. However these snakes tend to give some warning of being inclined to bite, and will usually give fairly gentle bites (which can still draw blood) unless they are given reason to give a full strike. Prospective owners however should be advised that while the snake is quite lightweight and gracile in comparison to some other species, it in no way means the Amazon Tree Boa is a weakling. Should an adult snake get around a humans neck the snake is more than capable of constricting the person. It is also more than capable of resisting being moved by both using its strength to anchor itself to the local surroundings, and if agitated striking to defend itself. Male snakes also have spurs under their tail by the vent (the bony remainder of the hips and back legs) and will flail their bodies to bring these into play. The spurs are also used to assist in mating.
Exposure: 1/13 sec;   f/6.36;   ISO 400;  70mm; Pentax K5 with Sigma 70mm f2.8 DG Macro.

~ by kbfotografix on October 31, 2012.

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