Project 1825, Day 11

Rollin’ right along, the next Crayon (pronounced “crown” by my 17 year old daughter) drawn from the Crayola lazy Susan turnstile thingie is…


First up, one of my all time favorite board games, RISK, where I always play pink, I always get Australia, and I never lose. That’s right. I haven’t lost a game of Risk to anyone in over 30 years. If only I had that kind of luck at a casino…or with the lottery…

Here we have two textures; cotton on the left, and skin on the right…

Lastly, a photo that I realized was slightly out of focus after I’d put all my gear away, and was too lazy to re-shoot, a pink Crayola marker…

There you have it, another day down.


~ by kbfotografix on October 5, 2012.

3 Responses to “Project 1825, Day 11”

  1. i’m always used to seeing risk with little soldiers, yours has cubes, this must be an old version?? looks like a relic of sorts.

    • This version was actually part of a line of boardgames by Parker Brothers sold by Target about the year 2002 or so, and included Monopoly, Clue, Risk, Scrabble, Sorry, and Stratego, among others, all featuring wooden pieces, 60’s styling, wooden cases, and original rules. Some of them can be found on eBay for as much as $50 or more!!

  2. “skin texture” doesn’t seem like skin. How we can change very common things into things of wonder. Amazing all the things our eyes, or is it our brains, don’t see.

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