Back at It

After my brief hiatus, the time has come to resurrect this blog. I have removed the artwork from this site, as this will now be a place for my photography only. Also, I finally finished processing the shots from the maternity shoot, so let’s kick this off by posting a few shots from the more than 200 I took. First up, a shot of the young couple. Image

I was really disappointed in how the outside shots turned out. I’m still learning, so I didn’t think to use the pop-up flash as a fill light while exposing for the (very bright) background. So as you can see, the sky is an unappealing white. I had to try and compensate by lowering the overall exposure in Lightroom, then using the adjustment brush to raise the exposure on the subjects. It sort of works, but I think it would have looked better to expose for the background and use a flash and/or reflector to get more light on them.


Two indoor shots, which once again probably would have benefited from at least using a reflector. Also for some reason the one on the left looks like it has a color cast to me, like it’s a bit too green or something while the one on the right has the background (large window) a bit too blown out and her face too shadowed. Moving on…


I actually like this one, although again, it needed more light. And lastly, my personal favorite…


I guess the only thing I don’t like about this shot is the background (floor.) I should have made it all the same, but the light from the window was perfect right there. Well, live and learn. Hopefully I’ll get some more commissions and be able to do better. Tomorrow I’m back to Project 1825, with new mini-projects already in mind, so stay tuned!


~ by kbfotografix on September 24, 2012.

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