What Will You Do With Your 1,825?

I was driving my son back to his mother’s today, and along the way I was giving him some good natured yet character building ribbing about his age. He is currently 12 years old, and will be turning 13 this December, but I like to tease him by telling him he’s actually only 10. I informed him that he would be eligible to drive with a learner’s permit in five years, therefore I had no fear for my car for close to 2,000 days. Well, actually it’s more like 1,825 days.

1,825 days. That’s nearly two thousand morning wake ups. Almost two thousand opportunities to do something. I’ve heard many times about making a five-year plan, or a ten year plan, or however many years you’d like, but it’s always the same; set an obtainable goal for x number of years from now, then follow the 10 or 12 step program to reach those goals. Sounds easy. After all, it’s only five years.

Except it isn’t just five years, it’s 1,825 days. Give or take. For me, defining something in years isn’t such a good thing. It makes me think I have plenty of time. No need to rush. Maybe not even any need to get started right now. Perhaps I’d best prepare to start in a year or so. How many of my 1,825 days will be wasted on nothing?

What if I were to spend some amount of time during every single one of those days working towards some goal, what might I accomplish? I don’t know. I think I’d like to find out. So this is what I’ve decided: I am going to spend time every day for the next 1,825 days working towards a goal or goals.

What goal(s), you ask? Well, firstly I’d like to quit my current job. In order to do that, however, I need some source of income. Shouldn’t be too hard, since I don’t make that much money. However, I’d like this new source of income to be generated by something I enjoy doing, something that makes me feel a bit fulfilled. Something challenging, exciting, that requires both artistic talent and technical skill. Something with a variable work environment, a wide array of tools, and some kind of “cool” factor. Something that I like enough so that the inevitable crappy days are offset enough to keep me going.

HEY! I got it! I could be a professional Artist/Photographer! Perfect! Wait, we should define what it means to be a “professional.” OK, to me that simply means something you do that earns you the majority of your income. Sounds good. When I think of accomplishing that in terms of five years, it sounds feasible, but when I think in terms of days, even nearly two-thousand days, I am filled with some sense of urgency. This is a good thing. It’s definitely achievable, but not if I wait too long.

So, how do we go about accomplishing something every day? That sounds a bit intimidating. Wait, I have an idea. Well, actually I got the idea while reading  online about inspirational photographic ideas, but I think I’ve figured out how to apply what I’ve read to myself. Some of the ideas were things like “A Picture a Day for 365 Days.” Or how about “The Color Red” for seven days. This sounds promising. I can make different challenges for myself, with different goals, for set time periods. For instance, I can do seven days of self-portraits. There’s a reason I prefer to be behind the camera-I’m ugly. So there’s a good challenge; find ways to take self portraits, one a day, for seven days, and produce one good image every day. Generating ideas, set up, composition, colors, multiple shots, and post production will all add up to a ton of practice, which is exactly what I need on the path to becoming a professional.

So there you have it. For the next 1,825 days I will be working on some kind of project. Projects that stimulate my imagination, utilize my creative abilities, tax and strengthen my technical abilities, all while keeping me entertained and giving me a goal to work towards. And not just in photography, either. I can draw and paint as well. Sweet!

What will you be doing with your 1,825 days?


~ by kbfotografix on September 2, 2012.

2 Responses to “What Will You Do With Your 1,825?”

  1. As a fan of all your work, I can’t wait for the next 1,825 days worth of it! 🙂

    • I wonder if I’ll hit “the wall” and finally have a hard time coming up with ideas. Right now it sure doesn’t seem so, tons of stuff bubblin’ in the noggin. Thanks for the comment!

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