In a Minute…

Why do we procrastinate? What is it that makes us put things off rather than actually accomplishing something? Oh sure, sometimes we have to postpone things for awhile to take care of the myriad trivial things life slings our way. What I’m talking about is those times when we could be doing something productive, but instead we choose to watch TV, or play a video game, or just sit and stare into space. After much deep thinkin’ I’ve managed to come up with the answer: laziness. Well, that’s the answer for me, anyway.

I can tell you’re stunned. You didn’t have me pegged as that kind of person. Sadly, it’s true. I’m lazy. I blame the Marines. I served in the Corps for six years, and there wasn’t much opportunity to be lazy. Each and every day was filled to overflowing with things that had to be done. Avionics. Inspections. Training. Colors. Barracks duty. Mess duty. PT. Go to S-1 to sign this and that. Weapons cleaning. Range qualification. Range coaching (actually really fun!) Gas chamber. Drill. Cleaning that never seemed to end.

Free time became a treasured item, like finding a gold nugget in the bottom of your pan. The result was that even free time had a tendency to become manic, with the general attitude that because of its rarity, you’d better do something with it to make it memorable, so we did. Sadly, I can’t share with you many of the things we did, but all of the police records should be clear within a year or so, and then I can speak freely.

After years of this kind of whirlwind existence, a secondary habit started to form; the search for a moment of peace. Free time was too precious to waste on things like sitting down, casual conversation, or introspection, so those things began to happen during “work” hours. Standing in line waiting to be gassed spawned many deep thoughts, range coaching was an excellent opportunity to sit down, S-1 was the perfect place for casual and pointless banter. We became experts at finding ways to do absolutely nothing, first rate practitioners in the art of nada when there were things to be done.

Now, this all sounds well and good, but simply put, it’s untrue. The truth is that I’m lazy, and often, rather than doing something, I choose to do nothing, then complain later about my lot in life. I don’t know of any cure for laziness other than getting off your butt and doing something, so right here and now I make my declaration of no more laziness.

Starting first thing tomorrow.


~ by kbfotografix on September 1, 2012.

2 Responses to “In a Minute…”

  1. Why do today what can be done tomorrow. There’s a lot to be said for finding moments where you do nothing, absolutely nothing…no thinking, zilch.. I think of it as a low lever hibernation. Debatable as to whether this is a waste of time or an escape or simple renewal. As it is our time it is whatever we declare it to be so we should enjoy it and not feel guilty about what we’re not doing.

    • I agree with you…to a point. What I’m talking about is not taking5 or even 30 minutes here or there to do nothing. What I’m speaking of is my tendency to do something like play a video game for several hours a day, even though the game itself bores me. I could be doing something artistic or photographic or both instead, which could lead to a more enjoyable employment, or at least some additional income, or, at the very least (yet most importantly), lead to feeling satisfied with achieving something. Thanks for the comment!

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